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Fire Place with Water Heat Ex-changer

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How does a Fire Place with Water Heat Exchanger System work?

EcoSmart™ supply and install wood and pellet fire places with water heat exchangers as well as pellet boilers. The fire places are installed in the home as any other fire place would be installed. The difference is that the fire places have a built in water heat exchanger or a build in buffer tank. The water heat exchangers are connected to homes water reticulation system which includes firstly the domestic geyser as well as a buffer tank which may simultaneously heat Hydronic Underfloor Heating, Hydronic Heated Towel Rails, Pool, Jacuzzi, Fan Coils, Radiators, etc. The fire places when used will heat the water via the heat exchanger or built in buffer tank. The fire place controller will automatically sense via temperature probes that the water is being heated and will automatically activate a circulating pump to utilize the hot water to heat the domestic water until set temperature is reached. The excess heat will then be used to heat the buffer tank/geyser water or directly to the heating options mentioned above. The following Fire Place options are available.


Pellet Fire Places

The pellet burning fire places supplied by EcoSmart™ are also imported from Palazzetti, Italy and are the most sophisticated available worldwide. The options are the same as the wood burning fire places with the following added advantages. The pellet fire places have a built in hopper for in varying sizes and once filled will keep the fire place burning for extended periods which could be as long as several days or even weeks dependent on usage. The pellet fire places also have a sophisticated controllers which may be set to automatically ignite the fire place at set times, automatically extinguish the fire at set times, automatically feed the wood pellets to maintain a set desired temperature in the rooms being heated. As in the wood burning fir places the CO2 emissions are almost non-existent.

Pellet Boilers

The Pellet Boilers supplied by EcoSmart™ are exceptional technology. The pellet boilers are installed in the garage or storeroom. The most popular pellet boiler installed by EcoSmart™ operates the same as the pellet fire places above. The exception being is that there is no visible flame or glass door. The unit has a 200kg hopper for the pellets. The pellet boiler is able to produce direct minimum thermal power to the water heat exchanger of a minimum of 7.8kW and a maximum thermal power of 30.8kW. The pellet boiler as mentioned will automatically ignite and extinguish and most importantly feed pellets according to the heating demand.


Components of the Fire Places with Water Heat Exchanger Systems used by EcoSmart™

Water Storage
  • EcoTherm Solartherm Geysers with Heat Exchangers
• EcoTherm Solartherm Geysers with specially designed Inlet and Outlets
• EcoTherm Solartherm Geysers
Circulating Pumps
  • Grundfos Brass
• Wilo Brass
Fire Place Controllers
  • SRC686C6/SRC686CQ
• Geyserwise
Copper Piping and fittings
  Insulation to the Pipes


Wood Fire Places

The wood burning fire places supplied by EcoSmart™ are imported from Palazzetti, Italy and are the most sophisticated available worldwide. The majority of fire places have double combustion facilities leading to extreme efficiency and very low CO2 emissions. Certain models have the added facility of flexible metal ducting and vents which may be used to heat adjacent rooms. The wood fire places which are produced in various sizes, the most commonly used by EcoSmart™ will give out radiant energy of 9kW which is generally enough to heat an area of 45 to 90 square meters dependant on the ceiling height and temperature. The same fire place will also transfer 18.4kW of energy to the built in water heat exchanger or buffer tank. This energy may then be used as stipulated above.

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Advantages of using a Fire Place with water heat exchanger

  • Energy Efficient
    Water may be heated very efficiently using one or more heat sources at a fraction of the price of electrical underfloor heating
  • Healty
    Underfloor heating is the best form of heating available with no dust particles being moved around the house. No electrical fields cause such as in electrical underfloor heating
  • Control
    Water underfloor may be controlled via a simple wired thermostat controller to a sophisticated wireless system that controls the heat throughout the home all year round
  • Versatility
    The water underfloor heating may be adapted, using heat pumps, to be used for cooling during summer time


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the system last.
The system consists of different components which have different Warrantees or Guarantees.
EcoSmart™ only use EcoTherm Solartherm Geysers which have a 10 Year Guarantee and a life expectancy in excess of 50 years. (Best under the Sun)
EcoSmart™ use imported Viega underfloor heating pipes which have a minimum 50 year life expectancy.
The solar collectors have a warrantee of 10 years with a life expectancy far beyond.
We expect pumps to last for 15 Years although they have a 1 year warrantee.

How much electricity will I save 
This is totally dependent on various factors such as
• Insulation used throughout the house as described above
• Wood prices in your area
• Wood Pellets prices which are provided by EcoSmart™
• System design and system control

Interesting Information from EcoSmart™

  • A standard 200 Litre geyser with a 4kW electrical element will take 2 hours 20 minutes to heat the water from 15 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius. Assuming that electricity costs R1.35 per kWh, the total electrical consumption will be approximately 9.33 kW/h which equates to R12.60 excluding standing losses, electrical losses etc.
  • Using the 18.4kW energy developed by the wood fire place, will heat the same standard 200 Litre geyser and will take approximately 30 minutes to heat the water from 15 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius. Depending on the price of wood in your area the cost to heat the same amount of water will equate to approximately R0.20 per kWh which equates to approximately R2.00.